Holley-Navarre Water System

Core & Main’s dedicated team of water meter specialists provide our customers with a unique level of service that is uncommon throughout the industry. Watch the video below to see how we helped the communities of Holley & Navarre upgrade, install and fortify their meter systems.

Bolton Point Water System

The Bolton Point water system was under-staffed and losing money. Watch the video above to see how Core & Main stepped in to install a turnkey water meter solution that was specific to the needs of the community.

City of Valentine

In addition to being an expert in water meters, Core & Main is also a one-stop shop for electric meters. Watch the video above to see how Core & Main custom tailored a water and electric meter solution to meet the needs of the growing community in Valentine, Nebraska.

Grand Lake Stream Fish Hatchery

At Core & Main, we pride ourselves on being able to tackle the toughest and most complex jobs that the industry has to offer. One of these recent projects involved a two-mile HDPE water draw line at a fish hatchery in rural northern Maine. This project involved both a long term commitment from our project team as well as an on-site staffing solution that would execute the HDPE fusion piece throughout the project’s entirety. Watch the video above to see how our team of experts came together to bring a custom solution to a very specialized project.