Celebrating Longevity at Core & Main

The Core & Main family has a long history that includes many instances of multiple family members working for our company. Case in point: Eric and John Skaggs, who both work at our Puyallup, WA location, are brothers celebrating a combined 70 years of service! Says John, "There's no secret to our continued success in the business. Neither of us rest on past accomplishments. We are not just marking the time here. We don't come to work and see what happens; we work to make good things happen. Anything we can do to help out a customer or co-worker, just do it." Eric agrees, "This company has been very good to me. Anyone who manages or supervises young or new folks who join our company should share stories about people like John and me so they can really understand that this business can be a rewarding career." Thanks John and Eric for your continued dedication to the company!