Helping Communities Thrive

The Core & Main vision statement projects our most essential, broadest focus: “a world where communities thrive.” Our company is a leading distributor of products and services for water infrastructure, which means earth’s most valuable resource is at the core of our business. We align our business strategy and operations with the goal of safe, sustainable infrastructure for generations to come.

The best solutions for distributing water — from storm drains to fire sprinklers — vary by climate, geography, legislation and engineering. One size does not fit all, which is why we strive to offer customers local expertise supported by a nationwide network of resources. Our products provide a base for residential and commercial construction, which supports population and economic growth. We also have an eye open to broader innovations for water delivery and sustainability.


Our company is a leading distributor of products and services for water infrastructure, which means earth’s most valuable resource is at the core of our business.

Steve LeClair
Chief Executive Officer


Our branches distribute more than 150,000 SKUs, not to mention offering industry training, custom fabrication and installation services. To keep it simple, we start with a simple description: We supply the infrastructure that brings good water to you and takes bad water away from you. And we do this from coast to coast.

We want to create a sustainable future for our children. Whether you’re a partner, customer, associate or neighbor of Core & Main, you are a part of our vision — to foster a world where communities thrive because our people and products provide safe, sustainable infrastructure for generations to come.

Did you know?
Fire sprinklers save lives and property, redefining the phrase “water is life.” According to the National Fire Protection Association, “When sprinklers are present, the chances of dying in a fire and the average property loss per fire are both cut by one-half to two-thirds, compared to fires where sprinklers are not present.”


In Our Industry
Our associates are engaged members and leaders of industry trade associations in waterworks, fire protection and industrial distribution.

In Our Communities
Founded in 1754, the Village of Intercourse, Penn. is the heart of an Amish community. When the town's water source became contaminated, Core & Main and a team of contractors and engineers offered a modern, durable alternative for this community of 380 customers.


Growth Mindset
At Core & Main, we’re changing the face of the waterworks and fire protection industry one person at a time, in the classroom or on the job, in person or online.

Staying Safe, Keeping the Waters Calm
The safety of our associates is primarily in our daily operations. 2020 has brought new safety considerations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As an essential business for critical infrastructure, our associates are essential, too.

“The trainee program provided a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience in so many of our key roles in our day-to-day business. Gaining that exposure early on instilled a genuine appreciation for the work we do and set up a great operational foundation.”

Jessica Joyce
Regional Director, South Central Region


When you work with an essential element you must respect it. Water is life. Water is essential. We know water saves lives in many ways, and we are proud of the work we do to help communities thrive for generations to come.

A Global Impact
When inventor Boyan Slat and the Ocean Cleanup project needed a flexible, buoyant pipe to build their cleaning system, the best option was HDPE. It is flexible and can be fused, and therefore essentially leak-proof. The Ocean Cleanup project aims to clear oceans and rivers of plastic pollution. Maskell Pipe & Supply, now part of Core & Main, sourced and fused the 600-foot stretch of pipe for the project.

Learn more about how we are making a difference in drought challenged cities and rural districts seeking a way to provide sustainable fisheries.



2020 Environmental, Social & Governance Report