Our leaders are committed to making Core & Main a thriving workplace and business. They are dedicated to the success of our associates, our mission and our vision. Together, they have a wealth of experience, serve on numerous industry, association and nonprofit boards, and bring a diverse array of talent and experience to our organization.

Steve LeClair
Chief Executive Officer
Jack Schaller
Brad Cowles
Mark Witkowski
Chief Financial Officer
Laura Schneider
Chief Human Resources Officer
Mark Whittenburg
General Counsel and Secretary
Jeff Giles
Vice President, corporate development
Chris Conde
Regional Vice President, Northeast Region
Ogonna Hymes
Regional Vice President, Northwest Region
Ryan Johnson
Regional Vice President, Southeast Region
Rich Schaefer
Regional Vice President, central region
Ray Seigworth
Regional Vice President, west region
Don Taylor
Senior Regional Vice President, north region
Don Teter
Regional Vice President, Mid-South Region
Chuck Zappola
Regional Vice President, south central region
Yvonne Bland
Vice President, sales & business development
Bill Driskill
Vice President, Vendor Relations,
Sourcing and Operations
Robyn Bradbury
Vice President, Finance and Investor Relations
Jackie Burkhardt
Vice President and Deputy General Counsel
Carrie Busbee
Chief Information Officer
Jessica Killion
Vice President, Strategic Operations
John Stephens
Vice President and Corporate Controller
Evelyn Swanson
Vice President, Learning and Organizational