Pumping Equipment

Count on Core & Main for all of your wastewater, storm water and municipal/contractor pumping equipment needs.

Our full range of product lines include submersible wastewater pumps, dewatering pumps, treatment plant pumping equipment, packaged water booster pump stations, packaged wastewater pump stations, control systems and instrumentation packages. Our team is committed to delivering the most effective pumping solutions, along with relevant and expert advice whenever you need it.


  • Apartment Complexes
  • Churches
  • Commercial Developers
  • DOT Rest Areas
  • Farming (Irrigation)
  • Golf Courses
  • Homeowners
  • Hospitals/Retirement Homes
  • Hotel/Motel Industry
  • Industry (Wet)—Textile, Dye, Chemical,
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Military Bases
  • Municipal Water/ Wastewater
  • Maintenance Departments
  • Municipalities
  • Water/Sewer Departments
  • Nurseries
  • Paper Mills
  • Plumbers
  • Poultry Plants
  • Private Water Companies
  • Recreation Departments— Ballparks, Sports Facilities
  • Rock Quarries
  • Sanitary Districts
  • Schools
  • Septic Tank Companies
  • SOD/Turf Farms
  • Trailer Parks
  • Utility Contractors
  • Airport Castings

Key information required to properly match a pump to a given application:

  • What is being pumped? Water? Effluent? Wastewater? Other?
  • What is the desired flow? Gallons per minute (GPM)?
  • If required, what is the size and depth of the wetwell? What is the inlet elevation?
  • What type of pump is required? Centrifugal? Progressive Cavity? Turbine? Trash? Chemical? Primer? Other?
  • Where is the pump located? Wetwell? Ground level? Other?
  • What are the site electrical requirements? Phase & Voltage?
  • What is the size, length, and type of discharge line?
  • What is the head or Total Dynamic Head (TDH)? Vertical elevation difference between the pump location and final discharge location?

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