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Gem Fab & Supply

Gem Fab dates to the mid-1960s. Operating under the name Grinnell Fire Protection Systems Fabrication or Gem Sprinkler Company, fabricated piping and loose materials were supplied mainly to its sister company, Grinnell Fire Protection Systems. In the mid-1980s, Gem Fab began supplying US sprinkler contractors with shop-fabricated piping systems. In 2019, Gem Fab and its parent company, Long Island Pipe, became part of the Core & Main family.

Since service and quality are key to our success. All fabrication is done to NFPA 13 standards and an ISO9001 compliant quality system. Gem was in the forefront of developing, the "shop pre-fabricated' concept for the fire protection industry. They were the first to convince the industry that shop fabrication in a controlled environment would save contractors money in the field, and further developed that philosophy by introducing, shop assembled hangers, pipe labels, and supported the pipe fabrication with a full line of material to complete any sprinkler system.

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