Getting the Job Done — No Matter How Big


At Core & Main®, we know how critical it is to get the project completed on time and on budget. Which is why we not only have the right equipment for the job but also the right materials — and the highly skilled industry experts nationwide to get the job done right the first time.

Core & Main is one of the largest distributors of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe in the United States. Due to its unique fusion process, HDPE piping is virtually leak-proof and provides both a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution that is ideal for trenchless installations because of its distinctive flexibility.

“We’re a one-stop shop,” said Ronald G., Core & Main fusible product specialist, noting that no matter where a client may be located, or what the task might be, Core & Main will no doubt have a solution. “Not only in the products and knowledge that we provide, but in the actions we take to ensure the success of our customers.”

“We pride ourselves on taking care of others and each other. You build relationships with the contractors, crew and field leadership, and you definitely go the extra mile for each other.”

- AUSTIN C. Core & Main Fusion Technician


Going the Extra Mile
Recently, Skanex Pipe Services, Inc., a northeastern pipeline rehabilitation company, tasked the Core & Main team with supplying materials for a large diameter HDPE project for the city of Rochester, New York. The city converted a downtown interloop system to commercial property for sale. An existing gravity sewer tunnel underneath the surface would compromise the structural integrity of the developmental property and needed to be stabilized. Although a basic slip-line rehabilitation project could offer a solution, the sheer depth and span of the tunnel posed some challenges.

This particular pipe was 1,000 feet of 54-inch diameter pipe, and the machine capable of fusing that diameter pipe is rare — with only a few available in the world — and we have a national fleet of large diameter McElroy MegaMc® machines.

“You’re going to see this [HDPE] technology more and more,” said Jamie P., Core & Main HDPE operations manager, when discussing stabilizing a culvert. “The pipe won’t rot or rust.”

Once the pipe was successfully fused and slipped into the tunnel, concrete was poured into the void, staggered at different distances, to fill the 1,100 cubic yards of annular space between the two pipes. The result served to completely stabilize the area and allow the construction project to continue as planned.

“I’ve pulled long lengths before, but not of a diameter of this size,” said Dan Graham, long-term customer and president of Skanex Pipe Services, Inc. “The scale of this job makes it very unique.”


At Core & Main, we know large-scale projects like this can add logistical challenges, which is why we always come prepared. From fusion technologists to product specialists, thanks to our skilled experts all working together to juggle several moving parts, our team was able to complete the project within just a few weeks — on time and on budget.

“We’re trained to cover everything in a ‘just-in-case’ scenario,” said Austin C., Core & Main fusion technician. “You definitely have to be a problem solver and a quick thinker. With my experience, if something ever were to go wrong on a job site, I’m able to fix just about anything right then and there to keep things up and running. We have passion and take pride in our work.”


Experts at Your Side
No matter the location, customers expect infrastructure systems to be built and maintained without sacrificing safety or durability.

“My favorite thing is being able to see the projects from start to finish and see how the community benefits,” Jamie P. said. “I like the fact that we make a difference and a positive impact in the communities we serve.”

Count on us to be your trusted partner when you need the right product or relevant and expert advice to help you get the job done — no matter how big or small. With our nationwide footprint and hometown roots, we provide a variety of new and specialized products to match your local specifications — and we’re committed to providing the best solutions for your success, now and for the long term.

“We pride ourselves on taking care of others and each other,” Austin C. said. “You build relationships with the contractors, crew and field leadership, and you definitely go the extra mile for each other.”

Jack S., Core & Main district manager, agreed and stressed that no project is too complicated. “Our dependable expertise is one thing that really sets us apart from our competitors. We get the job done on time, and we make sure to follow up.” After all, at Core & Main, your community is our community.


“My favorite thing is being able to see the projects from start to finish and see how the community benefits. I like the fact that we make a difference.”

-JAMIE P. Core & Main HDPE Operations Manager